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Gunter Hampel on “Real-life of Real Live Art”


Gunter Hampel on the “Real-life of Real Live Art"“I have hundreds of tapes , which may be not recorded picture perfect (as if made in an artificial environment of a recording studio). We have grown up on Charlie Parker’s rare live recordings on the first recording machines in the 1940’s, catching the genius at work. You get what I mean? My daughter Cavana and son, Ruomi and Jeanne lee… we filmed all, or almost all of our recordings, including the ones we have made up to today. The recorders have gotten more professional now, and I have even mounted very expensive Schoeps microphones on my latest (Sony) equipment and have a visual and sound archive not only from our concerts, but have also filmed performances by Sam Rivers, Ed Blackwell and many more great musicians (Live at the Sweet Basil, for instance) especially to learn how to move around without disturbing the band and the listeners.

“So that is what we still today. Our live tapes are, as Marion Brown once said, “like being a listener in the audience” and as such all the history of my music and the great players who have shared it with me have not just been heard on LPs and CDs but also can be seen and heard on DVDs and now Blu-rays. Thirty-three years’ worth of my recordings has been captured also on camera. These are not those boring videos where some critic and narrator bore you to death trying to explain what he never understood in the first place. This is music as close as skin. As the artist and the conditions he or she works under to bring the music over to you. Yes, YOU…

“I wish I could have had a camera like this in the 1950’s, the 1960’s and 1970’s. So, check out our film on YouTube. It’s called Time (link below) and it is free to watch, and it’s just like every one of our concert performances and rehearsals – including some rehearsals I held in my flat in New York, or in Göttingen, or Berlin, in Helsinki, or in Brasilian studios, in the parks, even on the streets. All of this has been done just using the tools of our time to shed some light on what we call “Jazz”.

Gunter Hampel: “Music and dance is community”
“I have some interviews from berlin, or very important performance with my band together with a lecture I at the Musik-Wissenschaftliche Fakultät der Universität, Göttingen, where I hold a regular seminar on how Jazz really came about, what the conditions in the USA were at the time and why the Jazz is not played on African instruments (the African musical scale has only 5 notes in an scale), but on European instruments (music that has 12 notes in an scale), and why the first African slaves were not allowed to play their music, but only allowed – if they wanted to play music at all – to do so on those European instruments, and so on…

“And I have many more things to say about the great music of Jazz and you would never know, them if you never watched my DVDs and Blu-rays, which we recorded with that damn Sony camcorder with those damn Schoeps microphones… And we “speak” and and also play music on those videos, even if they do not ever get reviewed by the so-called “leading German daily newspapers, in their ignorance they do not review “music videos” – what we call documentary evidence of “Real-Life Live Music Art” that you will never need shades to enjoy.”


  1. hi Raul, YOU are a treasure,my son just came from new york and he is helping cavana to get her teeth fixed in Berlin, while i am holding the fort in Göttingen, i can put this up on F acebook and twitter to spread your words? keep it going…….


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