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When the Time Comes – Maria Cabeza


I saw Me in You
we were at the vet
you could not see me

Blind as you were
still, you recognized me, as a mate
both warriors, one about to give up

I could read your mind
more and more; people just expected from you
a hero, always ready, alert, loving, caring

Boredom, emptiness, aging, exhausted
words forbidden to us, fighters
brothers in arms

Your tongue out, thirsty for calmness
your seek an allowance to let go
kindness needs courage

I spoke
you listened, ears up
your body collapsed gently

Now on the floor, a soldier, an old buddy
I demanded: “Honour him, bury him like a patriot ”
He handed the best of himself to many
without a doubt, no hesitation nor surrender

It was his time to leave
too much weight all these years
but hey! Don’t feel guilty
You were the best YOU and
watching you made me see the best ME

© María Cabeza, 2018


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