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Vitor Garbelotto: Novo Herói de Guitarra da Música Clássica Brasileira Chegou


Vitor Garbelotto: Novo Herói de Guitarra da Música Clássica Brasileira ChegouThe unrestrained flights of improvisation act as the glue that holds it all together. All the while one has a sense that ‘ideas’ and ‘intellect’ seem to drive what appear to be living soundtracks infused with the kind of heady imagination that transforms their resonances into a series of vivacious musical adventures that may also be construed as one extended one, perhaps. However the experience is perceived, the fact that it is cinematic in an epic sort of way is inescapable. In fact, in the unfolding narratives one is transported to a refined soirée.

This also means that each of the pieces though not necessarily connected by theme, are certainly quite transcendental; even spiritual in nature. And, as it was with Garbelotto’s previous recording, Integral para Violão Solo, it is impossible not to be knocked out by the sheer creative firepower of the artist.

Track List – 1: Camará; 2: Meu Amigo Radamés; 3: Sarau para Radamés; 4: Escorregando; 5: Obrigado, Paulinho; 6: Vaidosa No.I; 7: Remexendo; 8: Rosa; 9: Lamentos do Morro; 10: Canto De Yemanjá/Canto de Xangô; 11: Suspiro.

Personnel – Vitor Garbelotto: guitar

Label – Tratore
Release date – December 2015
Running time – 44:14

Vitor Garbelotto: Integral para Violão Solo

There is a profoundly beautiful, and deeply contemplative, cast to the complete set of four works with a total of 19 pieces or movements (depending on which camp you happen to fall into) that lace this recording of Radamés Gnattali’s complete works for guitar. At any given time guitarist Vitor Garbelotto holds the listener rapt as he approaches Radamés Gnattali in the solitary splendour of the great Brasilian musician’s oeuvre for the guitar. In doing so, Garbelotto also inadvertently shares with us more than his virtuoso musicianship.

Here we have a young genius revealing his impeccable taste as well as a sense of his own history as he traverses the musical topography of the compositions, mining its themes with startling short-form interpretations. Ideas are trussed, then released and shred; musical thoughts and viewpoints are pursued in the spur of the moment as well as after pausing for contemplation. As always the results are magnificent (How about the three-part “Brasiliana No.13”, for instance?) and even though far from being re-imagined the result here and everywhere else is almost like out-of-body musical experience, yet anchored in what seems to be the here and now.

Throughout the performance Vitor Garbelotto’s playing is intimate, restrained, reflective, introspective and deceptively simple, moulding myriad disparate sources into a beautiful and meaningful whole. Through it all, the purest interpretative arrangements and voicings are invariably rooted in Gnattali’s “Brasilian-ness” no matter how subtly the latter characteristic may be suggested.

Track List – One: Pequena Suite para Violão Solo: I – Pastoril; II – Toada; III – Frevo; Two: Dança Brasileira; Three: Brasiliana No. 13: l – Samba-bossa Nova; II – Valsa; III – Choro; Four: Toccata em Ritmo de Samba: No. 1; No. 2; Five: Dez Estudos para Violão: Estudo I; Estudo ll; Estudo III; Estudo IV; Estudo V; Estudo VI; Estudo VII; Estudo VIII; Estudo IX; Estudo X.

Personnel – Vitor Garbelotto: guitar

Label – Tratore
Release date – February 2016
Running time – 51:01
Website – http://www.vitorgarbelotto.com.br/
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