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The Moore-McColl Jazz Society: Electric Fantastic


The Moore-McColl Jazz Society: Electric Fantastic

As his name suggests, Chance McColl literally “got lucky” when he was thrown into a musical adventure with Beth Moore sometime in 2014. That meeting, and recording, revealed the true depth of Miss Moore’s gifts. This recording Electric Fantastic is proof of that revelation for it is on this repertoire that the skill and scope of Miss Moore’s talent is on full display. She is a powerful vocalist who literally brings down the proverbial house each time she sings. [Her vocals are truly magical on the song “Words”]. She is also fleet-fingered and delicate on the hefty Hammond C3 – the heaviest of the Hammond organs – and she is a superb arranger as her horn arrangements prove her to be.

Naturally this was always likely to result in a fine set of songs. But just how good this really is can be heard on the music of this recording. On “Like a Symphony” it is her authoritative voice that stands out, while on “800 East” her organ chops are sublime. Finally on each song where the horns are called upon to give wings to the music you become aware of just how far Miss Moore’s talent will go. However, make no mistake this is a joint-venture in the grand manner with guitarist and composer Chance McColl. With the high rolling, rounded – and sometimes fierce – notes of his electric guitar he sets this music on fire. Mr McColl’s bluesy voice on “If You Really Loved Me” gives way to his gutty guitar, which is enhanced by Miss Moore’s evocative organ playing, Caleb Lattimore’s superb muted trumpet and the velvet-voiced alto saxophone of Ceclan Ward.

Perhaps the best aspect of the music is its elegance and simplicity. This Moore-McColl duo has also attracted musicians who have bought into their artistry. Bassist Tim Aucoin and drummer Joel Morris offer not simply rhythmic support but they also help raise the level of the musicianship in this ensemble. This is also true of the horn players who help bring robust muscle to the music, and when Ben Holst joins in on pedal-steel guitar on the bluesy “I Remember Danny Gatton” this music is raised to a rarefied realm.

Track list – 1: Electric Fantastic; 2: Like a Symphony; 3: 800 East; 4: Beth’s Bounce; 5: The Logical Song; 6: I Remember Danny Gatton; 7: If You Really Loved Me; 8: Blues for Lonnie Williams; 9: Words

Personnel – Beth Moore: vocals, piano, Fender Rhodes, Hammond C3 organ and horn arrangements; Chance McColl: electric guitar and vocals; Tim Aucoin: contrabass and electric bass; Joel Morris: drums and percussion; Caleb Lattimore: trumpet; Christopher Alpiar: tenor saxophone; Declan Ward: alto saxophone; Ben Holst: pedal steel guitar [6]; Scott Rashner: trombone [5]; Jordan Alyssa: backing vocals [2]; Devynn Phoenix Robinson: backing vocals [2]

Released – 2020
Label – Independent
Runtime – 52:27


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