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Keeping It Simple: When Art and Elegance are Expressed Naturally


Maria 2 September 2016MC How do you connect with a new piece of art? (To me that thing of “falling in love” sounds like a cliché and a ‘clingy’ one at that) What is your opinion on that so-called ‘love at first sight?

BDW “If I am going to put a work in my personal collection it has to speak to me. Sometimes there is a strong like, and then sometimes there is that total love for a work the minute you see it and you know you have to have it!”

MC What does art mean to you?

BDW “Art means a lot to me for different reasons. I love art and is makes me happy and I enjoy collecting it. Art also sustains my way of life, as I am an art dealer. I get such pleasure from putting people together with art that they love and will live with for many years to come.”

MC Can an artist make a living by painting? Has this changed from the time when artists like Picasso died poor?

BDW “Yes an artist can make a living by painting, but they have to have a way of promoting their art and making it visible in order to succeed. There are lots of very talented artists that never end up getting discovered or make it into galleries and museums. This has always been and always will be.”

MC Is it necessary to be supported by an art dealer?

BDW “I would say yes. Most successful artists have a dealer to promote them and give them the exposure they need.”

MC Would you exhibit a piece of art you like despite knowing that maybe it will not be ‘profitable’?

BDW “Most dealers will not show a work that will not be profitable. It is not a smart business move, so I would not. The only exception would be to show a work of that nature at a show for an artist to perhaps show the range of their body of work.”

MC What or who is your target clientele?

BDW “The ideal client or target client is the one who is passionate about art and knows what they want.”

MC How would you describe the experience up to now?

BDW It has been a very pleasant and fun experience for me, as I really do love what I do.

Bryan D. Walsh is an art dealer of considerable repute, He loves to spend his spare time doing the many things he is also fond of: to travel, visit museums, entertain at home and spend time outdoors in the garden. He also loves food and wine. He is a gentleman, a wise individual and a fascinating professional who is also easy to get comfortable with. Keeping it simple: Mr. Walsh does that with style and it seems that he will continue to do so in the near and far future.

Maria Cabeza is a bi-lingual (English and Spanish) writer and a certified translator who lives in Palm Beach, Florida (© 2016)


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