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Keeping It Simple: When Art and Elegance are Expressed Naturally


Maria 5 September 2016What makes DTR so special? When I walked into the Gallery I felt refreshed, at peace, surrounded by beauty. A sense of joy filled my soul. I want to ask Walsh many things as I try to keep my excitement in control. It is difficult. I have so many questions. Walsh answers one that I am about to ask:

BDW “The gallery is special because if offers an eclectic mix of art, something for everyone. People constantly react to the energy that the colors and the fun that the works evoke.”

MC How does painting and sculpture relate to music and other arts?

BDW “They can all be interrelated if an artist is in tune and able to connect one to the other.”

MC What makes a good painting? What makes a bad one?

BDW “That is a difficult question to answer because no one person should ever be the judge of what is good or bad. There are different degrees of technical ability that might make one painting look more refined that another, but it still does not determine whether a painting is good or bad. Raw primitive art can be just as amazing as the technical paintings of the Renaissance.”

MC What is the first thing you look for when choosing a work of art?

BDW “For me, composition is very important, then color and content.”

MC Do you encourage lesser; even unknown painters? Do you buy from them?

BDW “Yes, if I see that an unknown or emerging artist has talent I do encourage them. I do buy from them if I personally like the work.”

MC Abstract art or any other style?

BDW “I like abstract art and have some in my personal collection, but have a very eclectic mix of art at home.”

MC As a writer I must ask you why you said you like “text” on the paintings…

BDW “I do like art that has text or words present, as I feel that it makes one think more about the work, and can also add more to it that just shapes and figure can convey.”


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