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Rebecca Hennessy: When Stars Shine Bright


The young Toronto-based trumpeter Rebecca – and now we know for sure, brilliant vocalist – Rebecca Hennessy confirms her growing reputation [in both categories]. This album is a feature that puts her vocalastics on display although she also plays trumpet; and it is a very impressive outing indeed. Her voice is light and lustrous, though not without metal. Her diction is exceptional throughout and there also is evidence of real imagination behind both her original repertoire and her interpretations of it.

Read the full review of the album here.

Rebecca Hennessy answered her own question: “How do you keep connected with your loved ones that live far away or who are no longer with us?” by writing the song “When Stars Shine Bright”. A video of the song was appropriately – and beautifully – animated by Andrew Benincasa and Amandine Benincasa. Ms Hennessy writes: “This song was written during the holiday season a few years ago when Michael and I were missing our friends and family who live far away. Most of our families live on the West Coast of Canada and we don’t get to see them enough, especially now in this pandemic! [It’s] from my album “All the Little Things You Do” released Nov 2020.”

The musicians on this track – in addition to Ms Hennessy on vocals – include: Michael Herring – bass, Kevin Breit on guitar, Tania Gill on piano and Dave Clark on drums.


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