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Foli: There is no movement without rhythm


Foli: There is no movement without rhythm

Rhythm is embedded in daily activities. Thomas Roebers and Floris Leeuwenberg captured the incredible rhythm of the Malinke people from the village Baro in Guinea, in Mother Africa. This movie documents how rhythm is part of their daily lives.

The directors have this to say about their film, Foli: “Life has a rhythm, it’s constantly moving. The word for rhythm (used by the Malinke tribes) is foli. It is a word that encompasses so much more than drumming, dancing or sound. It’s found in every part of daily life. In this film you not only hear and feel rhythm but you see it. It’s an extraordinary blend of image and sound that feeds the senses and reminds us all how essential it is.”

Released: 2010
Duration: 11 minutes
Produced and Directed by Thomas Roebers and Floris Leeuwenberg
Sound Recording and Sound Design by Bjorn Warning
Translator and Rhythm Specialist by Thomas Bonenkamp
With special thanks to the chief Djembefola Mansa Camio

Based in Canada, Raul da Gama is a Canadian poet, musician and accomplished critic whose profound analysis is reinforced by his deep understanding of music, technically as well as historically. Raul studied music at Trinity College of Music, London and has read the classics, lived and worked in three continents and believes that there is a common thread running through every culture on earth. It is this unifying aspect of humanity that occupies his thoughts each day as he continues to write poetry and critique music. His last book was The Unfinished Score: The Complete Works of Charles Mingus, a book that relocated the life and works of the great American composer and bassist, Charles Mingus, to the landscape of poetry. He is currently at work on a poem of some length.


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