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Indigo Kid II: Fist Full of Notes

Indigo Kid II: Fist Full of Notes

Indigo-Kid-II-JDGDan Messore’s oeuvre (as Indigo Kid) is modest in extent, but distinctive in character. His Fist Full of Notes is concise and strongly argued, and his band – Trish Clowes on tenor saxophone, Tim Harries on bass and Martin France on drums, with Iain Ballamy on tenor saxophone on two tracks – give a fine account of themselves, relishing the rhythmic drive of the outer movements – extending even to a touch of savagery at the start of the finale – while achieving a beautiful tranquillity in the more introspective music. These excellent ten songs recorded in 2014 by Josh Parker at Conversion Studios in the U.K. sounds more incisive in places (partly on account of a drier recording) and The Healing Process sounding absolutely stunning and true.

Indigo-Kid-II-A-Fistful-of-Notes-JDGGuitarist Dan Messore’s playing is steeped in tradition, yet utterly contemporary and with the Indigo Kid shares its strongly tonal language while being more expansive and sensuous. This performance is finely paced with a sense of momentum that allows the listener to appreciate Mr Messore’s mastery of the ‘pictures at an exhibition’ form. The guitarist’s full expressive tone seems ideally suited to the works’ sinuous melodies. It’s fascinating to compare this performance with his earlier work. The music here concentrates on minute and subtle detail, bringing to our attention all sorts of beautiful moments (when the core group is playing and not only when Iain Ballamy joins them) and it is easy to perceive the fact that Indigo Kid have a powerful feeling for the larger picture as well.

Sketches in the Fabric, the last song on this album, is one of the finest on this recording. The truly impressionistic, visual piece and also the earlier Quiet Waters also take us beyond clever, playful satire but in general the music – all of it – has a most solid worth. And one can welcome, with the deepest of pleasure, such a spirited, and well-judged – performance. Well-balanced and finely detailed sound also makes this record more enjoyable. You are going to hear much more of this ensemble whether they ‘make it’ across the pond or not. Such music cannot be put down. All told the disc’s qualities are such as to preclude a hot recommendation here.

Track List: Snow On The Presellis; Waiting For Paula; Carpet Boys; All Hands To Dance And Skylark; From Nowhere To Our Place; The Healing Process; Mr Randall; Quiet Waters; The Bay; Sketches In The Fabric.

Personnel: Dan Messore: guitar; Trish Clowes: tenor saxophone; Tim Harries: bass; Martin France: drums; Iain Ballamy: tenor saxophone (6, 10).

Label: Babel Label
Release date: July 2015
Website: danmessore.co.uk
Running time: 55:51
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About Dan Messore

Dan Messore is a broad minded and eclectic musician. After travelling extensively and settling in Central America for several years, he returned to the UK and completed a MA in jazz and composition at the Royal Welsh College of Music and Drama in Cardiff. He has since gone on to be a much in demand musician and spanning scenes and genres. Read more…


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