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Familia Assad: A Brasilian Dynasty


Familia Assad: A Brasilian Dynasty
Sergio, Badi Clarice, Odair and Carolina Assad photograph Fred Carvalho.com.br
The musical history of the Assad Family began in the 1950s with Seu Jorge, a self-proclaimed, self-taught bandit and his wife Dona Ica interpreter and lover of the seras. Together they passed on to their children Sérgio, Odair and Badi, their passion for music but they did not imagine that it would become blossom into the phenomenon that would make “Assad” musicians known all over the world. With a sensitivity typical of the great masters of music, Seu Jorge soon saw the talent of his sons
Three generations of Familia Assad
Sergio and Odair and after making sure that this was also the children’s desire, moved with the family from Mococa, São Paulo to Rio de Janeiro already willing to invest in the musical talent of the next generation of “Assad” musicians.

In the Rio de Janeiro, Sérgio and Odair studied classical guitar for seven years with Monina Távora – a former disciple of Andrés Segovia – and since then they have not stopped learning, growing and performing. In 1970, they began the journey of their international careers, performing and recording, winning worldwide and well-deserved recognition, and numerous prizes. All the while Sérgio and Odair Assad also continued passing on what they know to a third generation of “Assad” musicians, Clarice (Sérgio Assad’s daughter) and Carolina (Odair Assad’s daughter). Sérgio Assad’s son Rodrigo is a budding filmmaker.

Based in Canada, Raul da Gama is a Canadian poet, musician and accomplished critic whose profound analysis is reinforced by his deep understanding of music, technically as well as historically. Raul studied music at Trinity College of Music, London and has read the classics, lived and worked in three continents and believes that there is a common thread running through every culture on earth. It is this unifying aspect of humanity that occupies his thoughts each day as he continues to write poetry and critique music. His last book was The Unfinished Score: The Complete Works of Charles Mingus, a book that relocated the life and works of the great American composer and bassist, Charles Mingus, to the landscape of poetry. He is currently at work on a poem of some length.


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