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Familia Assad: A Brasilian Dynasty


Badi, Clarice, Odair, Carolina and Sergio Assad photograph Fred Carvalho.com.br
Seu Jorge and Dona Ica did not stop with Sérgio and Odair Assad because their youngest daughter, Badi also displayed musical genius. Inspired by her famous brothers the Badi Assad began studying guitar at age 14, but developed her own singular style – combining vocals and vocal percussion, with uncommonly brilliant guitar-playing – immersing herself in the universe of music. As a young woman, she recorded and performed in Europe and the United States, leaving her indelible mark on music among audiences and fans worldwide.
Clarice, Badi and Carolina Assad
Meanwhile the “Assad” music DNA continues its domination of Brasilian music with Clarice Assad, an accomplished composer and pianist and Carolina Assad who’s choral and solo vocal genius seems in full bloom already.

Meanwhile Familia Assad continues to entertain and give back – especially in Brasil. Each year the Assad Festival – more about which can be found at www.festivalassad.com.br is held in São João da Boa Vista, a city in the interior of São Paulo. This year’s festival was held from July 26 to 30, 2017 and was graced by the presence of renowned artists and instrumentalists as well as members of Familia Assad, playing guitar in classical, traditional Brasilian and popular forms and styles, as well as piano, vocal and choral music. Musical workshops were also held for students and scholars by members of Familia Assad.


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