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In Memorium Heiner Stadler: April 9, 1942 – February 18, 2018

Heiner Stadler: In Memorium
One of the last photographs of Heiner Stadler taken in his beloved study by Dida Stadler

Heiner Stadler was born in in the town of Lessen (Łasin), now Poland on April 9, 1942 and passed into the eternal realm of the gods on February 18, 2018, in Silver Spring, Maryland, USA. Mr. Stadler’s genius was certifiably unique for, from the very moment he could hear, it would appear that he listened to the song of life as one that was sung in a musical continuum. And so it was that he heard, with inspirational clarity, the voices of the masters from Bach and Beethoven to Alexander Peçi and Isang Yun, from John Cage and Alfred Schnittke to Lead Belly, John Lee Hooker and Louisiana Red, to Duke Ellington, Charlie Parker and Thelonious Monk… Mr. Stadler distilled all of this into a life well lived and into repertoire that was a reflection of his own unique and unforgettable voice. For all of this, I and many others like me who listened to and performed Heiner Stadler’s music, will be eternally grateful.

Heiner Stadler: In Memorium
During the recording of “Retrospection” photograph probably by M. De Chiara or Nelly Gavrilova circa 1966


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