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Victoria Elena Ferreyra: “With a paintbrush in your hand you can change the world.”

Victoria Elena Ferreyra: “With a paintbrush in your hand you can change the world.”
Resilience Child…

MC: You have been worldwide with Pinta Argentina. What countries have you visited and how did it go?

VEF: We visited 30 countries and I have even met Pope Francis in Rome. Travelling along these paths earned us many accolades; many awards, such as the José Martí Award [in Cuba], the Guerrero Prize for the Arts [Colombia], the Evento Pascual Award [Norway], a prize from the Embassy of Denmark, the Urban Art NYC Award [USA], Fundación Par [Spain], Urban Arts [Award] in Paris [France] and, from United Nations, the Prize for Peace and Commonweal.

MC: Why do you think this dream came true?

VEF: I highlight that actions that come from good intentions. I find that that, together with honest work, are always compensated. I am a labourer – together with my team – and our main goal is common benefit. I am very grateful to have the chance of “giving” by means of “creating” things. You could say it is a kind of motto: “BE | DO | GIVE THANKS.
[…She repeats these words constantly. This artist has already pierced my heart.]

Red Butterfly on green frame with white script

MC: Have you done anything during this time of Pandemic or is the artistic sensitivity come to a halt during this time of being in a closed space?

VEF: No… not ever! I am constantly creating… I create 24/7/365! I made a series of 18 paintings that support me emotionally in these troubled times. They free me from confinement. I am going to put them for sale – they are butterflies and I painted one for each day of quarantine. If I get some money I will use it to continue with my project and other [projects] to come.

MC: What did you “hear” or “see” when you opened wide your heart?

VEF: I suffer from ADHD [Attention Deficit with Hyperactivity Disorder] and I take advantage of it. I saw the positive side of it, by creating… and making things; by giving to others. I feel useful and this helps me carry my own baggage. I am at peace with myself.

MC: What do you do when you come across something bad?

VEF: When I chose this career I said to myself that I will never play the stupid one if I saw something or someone who needed my help and I fulfilled what I said: “I never look to another side when there is something in front of me that needs my help”.


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