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Ernesto Cervini | Jenna Marie: Stuck Inside

Ernesto Cervini | Jenna Marie: Stuck Inside

What’s not to cheer about? Here’s a simple and elegant answer in song. Ernesto Cervini says: “About a year ago I wrote this little jazz tune about the lockdown. I asked my dear friend, and Orange Grove social media guru Jenna Marie to write some lyrics to it, and we came up with ‘Stuck Inside’.

“I then put together a group of lovely musicians to record it, and we have a fun recording this video that I’d love share with you! This features vocalist Jenna Marie, guitarist Jay Yoo (who’s released a duo album with Jenna), Kelly Jefferson (from the group TuneTown) on tenor saxophone, Dan Fortin (my Orange Grove right-hand man and Myriad3 co-leader) on contrabass, and myself on drums.”

“I hope you dig it…!”

We sure do, Ernesto!


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