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Warren Smith: Help Get His Music Released


Warren-Smith-Percussion-4-fnlWarren Smith is one of the great percussion colourists of our time. Just as great artists paint with brushes on canvas and great photographers paint with light, just as poets paint on the canvas of the blank page, Warren Smith paints with sticks, brushes and mallets. His canvases are the skins of his myriad of drums, cymbals and gongs, and the polished array of keys on his marimba and his vibraphone. No matter what his instrument Warren Smith declares his genius with abject humility. He eschews style for substance and when he plays you get a sense of both the turbulent and the joyous times in our history. Mr. Smith lived through a time when music was changing, but audiences and critics were not. However, the Loft Scene was blossoming and Warren Smith continued to grow in stature among his peers.

Warren-Smith-and-M'BoomIn 1979 he played in Max Roach’s seminal M’Boom ensemble a group he continued to be associated for years thereafter. He has also performed more than 30 Broadway productions beginning with the “West Side Story” in 1958, served as a Staff Musician for the American Broadcasting Company (ABC) and recorded with countless prominent artists of all musical styles. Warren Smith’s teaching experience includes 10 years in the New York City Board of Education, three years at Adelphi University and 25 years at SUNY Old Westbury. He has performed and recorded in all areas of popular, symphonic and contemporary Music and continue to be active, performing with his own “Composers Workshop Ensemble”. Through it all, Warren Smith has spent the last six decades performing and teaching in New York and all over the world.

Warren-Smith-fnlBetween February 24 and March 01 Warren Smith sat in residency at The Stone, John Zorn’s nondescript club in New York City. He performed a breathtaking array of music and was accompanied by an array of musicians, some of whom had performed with Mr. Smith during his stellar career. He was joined by Norman Taylor Baker, his former student Lloyd Haber, an old associate Abdul M’Boup; with the bassist Hilliard Greene, another old associate Andrew Lamb, Ras Moshe, Bill Cole and Joseph Daley; Tom Abbs, Thurman Barker and the percussionist and vibraphonist Eli Fountain as well as Pianist Rod Williams and the sublimely talented bassist Leon Lee Dorsey. The week in residence was captured by Steven Walcott, who has an ambitious plan to release most if not all of these priceless performances on his iconic label Engine Studios. Mr. Walcott is currently raising money through a short campaign with Indiegogo in order to pay the performers who accompanied Warren Smith on this remarkable journey at The Stone. For more information on the campaign and how you can be a part of it read more…


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