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Music Gateway Acquires Audio Rokit


Music-Gateway-new-main-fnlMusic Gateway has announced that they have completed on a deal to purchase online song submission service, Audio Rokit. The acquisition was completed for an undisclosed sum and sees the company exceed expectations as user numbers surpass 40,000. The music industry marketplace and Private Network software are going from strength to strength as Music Gateway fast becomes the go – to place for online music business opportunities.

Music-Gateway-2-nowMusic Gateway has continually delivered meaningful real world business opportunities to its users having grown organically since launching in August 2013. It is since the turn of 2015 that the company has launched its unique project management tool called the Private Network, which allows companies to streamline their projects and A&R briefs. They have also launched a £25k fund for aspiring artists and in January announced a joint venture with established Asian distributor and publisher, KDigital.

Music Gateway CEO, Jon Skinner explains further as to why the acquisition was a strong move forward for the company, “We’ve had a close eye on Audio Rokit for some time now and recently an opportunity presented itself, allowing us to acquire the business. It was fundamental to Darren Monson, ex-CEO & Founder of Audio Rokit, that his loyal customers benefited following the completion of the deal. It is equally important to us that we deliver during the handover.”

The Audio Rokit service provides a song pitch facility, which will only add to the services that Music Gateway provides.

Music-Gateway-1-nowDarren Monson explained his decision to sell Audio Rokit to Music Gateway, “What I appreciate about Music Gateway’s model is that they don’t charge people to pitch on projects, which is the case for many companies out there. They don’t allow any parties that are providing opportunities to profit from the process or use them to generate revenue on some form of profit share. They are a company that are in it for the long haul with a strong ethos of supporting talented people within the industry.”

To find out more about Music Gateway’s recent activities, please visit our Website: http://musicgateway.net/ www.musicgateway.net or contact them for more information.

For all business enquires please contact: Jon Skinner – CEO/Founder: jon.skinner@musicgateway.net
Clare Knight – Business Development Manager: clare.knight@musicgateway.net


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