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Letter from Badi Assad


Queridas! We enter the month of revelry and, as always, I put my guitar in the box and I enjoy the lap of Donna Ica, my mother, 86 years now. Strong as ever and really happy!

Now I have a question: How different would music by Lorde sound if it came to be performed at the Carnival in Bahia? Curious? Listen to the music/watch the videos below.
On another note…

I have several performances this month.

However, I have great news. I am now a semi-finalist in the Professional Music Award /Pro Music Award! And now is the time for you to choose who will be the finalists for a jury to select the winners.

So if you love my music, can I count on your vote? Only you could lead me on to this last phase of the awards process. In other words it is important.

In Brasil or (for Brasileiros and Brasileiras) out on holiday?

Vote here at: Prêmio Profissionais da Música

Two votes please as I am participating in two categories: “Songwriter/Composer” as well as “Singer”. Your votes are just two clicks of a button away. But, quick, you have two days left to vote. This closes on the 19th of February 2017.

Speak soon. Till then, xoxo!!


PS: On March 4 I will be at the SESC Registry (SP)!


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