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International Jazz Day at El Sosiego Ranch


International Jazz Day Uruguay​Five years ago, the outstanding and worldwide known pianist, Herbie Hancock-Goodwill Ambassador of Unesco- suggested to Unesco that an the Jazz Day be celebrated here in Punta del Este, Uruguay.​International Jazz Day Uruguay Poster 1

​Immediately, Unesco International wrote a letter to Francisco Yobino​, the Creator, Director and Producer of the Punta del Este International Jazz Festival in which they asked him to develop Mr. Hancock’s idea and so he did. It have been five years since that the International Jazz Day is celebrated in Uruguay.

This April 30th, 2016 will be another great time to share the music that represents the core ​music ​genre of the United States of America and that people, like Francisco, made it well known ​i​n the Southern part of the Continent. Happy Jazz Day to all and keep on ​enjoying ​the Arts: music, acting, dancing, singing, cooking and more…

Contributed by ​Maria Cabeza © 2016​


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