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Intakt Records In London @ Vortex Jazz Club: April 16 – 27, 2017


“The world of contemporary music which Intakt Records inhabits is one where diversity, creativity and innovation abound. It is replete with artists with the ability to enchant, to touch the emotions and to spring surprises. A very warm welcome to our world.

“It is a special pleasure for us to mark and celebrate the 70th birthday of Barry Guy in the city of his birth. Barry has helped define Intakt Records’ catalogue from the start, and his series of recordings for the label have left an indelible mark. His music and his total commitment are a constant source of inspiration.

“In the 33 years of Intakt Records there have so far been 285 releases. Music is in a constant state of flux and our work as producers documenting it continues unabated. The very first track on the very first Intakt Records disc was called ‘First Meeting’, recorded in 1984: the Intakt series opened with a duo of Zürich pianist Irène Schweizer and Chicago/New York trombonist George Lewis on the album Irène Schweizer: Live at Taktlos. The record was released in 1986 and was the spark which ignited the new label. Next came a live recording by Irène Schweizer and Louis Moholo, Free Mandela. Then there was a double album with compositions by Barry Guy and Anthony Braxton played by the London Jazz Composers Orchestra.

“These first steps positioned Intakt Records close to the heartbeat of contemporary jazz from the start. The music on Intakt is between composition and improvisation, and is also at the nexus of the mutual inspiration of two musical traditions, those of Europe and the USA. We value the continuity of our long-term collaborations with a growing circle of international musicians and our catalogue reflects that. The musicians and their music set the directions we take.

“We wish you, our listeners, plenty of exciting encounters with them, stimulation, new experiences, and enlightening, joyful moments at the Vortex between April 16 and 27. Our thanks go to The Vortex Jazz Club, to the musicians and to all of our supporters. You have made this festival possible. The festival presents 26 performances from iconic artists and young, emerging musicians.

President: Lucas Niggli
Vice-president: Sarah Buechi
Executive Producers, Office Intakt Records: Anja Illmaier, Florian Keller, Patrik Landolt
For Vortex Jazz Club: Oliver Weindling, Kathianne Hingwan
Sound: Ali Ward
Promotion UK: Bill Trythall, info@beaconville-music.com
Intakt Records Website – http://www.intaktrec.ch/


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