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Eva Cortés At Dizzy’s Club Coca-Cola May 13


eva-cortes-JDGWith pianist Romain Collin, guitarist Mike Moreno, bassist Luques Curtis and drummer Richie Barshay

In Bloom is a rebirth, the beginning of a cycle and a new sound in my music, which is why I decided to record in the States with a new crew,” says Eva Cortés

Ms. Cortés was born into a musical family that exposed her to Soul, Funk, Motown, Opera and Jazz. While she admits that jazz is her mainstay, she creates music that goes beyond conventional parameters and genres.

At the age of three, the Cortés family moved from Honduras to Sevilla, Spain where flamenco was part of the fabric of everyday life. “Everybody sang, cooked and played with the windows open,” says Ms. Cortés, “it impregnates you.”

eva cortesShe recorded her first demo when she was four years old and appeared on the album, Kid’s Stuff,” where she collaborated with a variety of established Spanish artists. Since then, Eva Cortés has released six highly acclaimed recordings as a leader.

The most recent being In Bloom, a showcase for the singer/songwriter who composed eight of the eleven tunes, collaborates with special guest, bassist, Christian McBride. The collaboration between Mr. McBride, Ms. Cortés ond other members of this outstanding ensemble suggests that a fusion of Latin American rhythms, Flamenco, Jazz and popular show tunes has been taken to a new level.

Join Eva Cortés as she makes her debut at Dizzy’s Club Coca-Cola and performs selections from In Bloom, Jazz One Night with Eva Cortés (2012), Back to the Source (2011), El Mar de Mi Vida (2010), Coma Agua Entre Los Dedos (2009) and Sola Contigo (2007).

Contributed by New Jersey-based writer and Editor/Publisher of “Jazz de la Pena” Tomas Peña who has an extraordinary finger on the pulse of the NYC Jazz scene. To get a feel for the great work Mr. Peña continues to do on “Jazz de la Pena” Read more here.


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