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Roseanna Vitro: Clarity: Music of Clare Fischer

Roseanna Vitro – Vocals

Of all the three albums in this review, this is probably the most difficult to negotiate. The golden timbre and fleet elegance of Clare Fischer is matched by Roseanna Vitro’s vocals, which flow wonderfully with natural elegance conjuring magic in all departments: melody, harmony and rhythmic tempo. Clare Fischer’s “Gaviota” and “Pensativa” are fiendishly difficult and require much virtuosity and melismatic genius. Ms. Vitro has plenty of this. She seems to have oodles of inventiveness and creativity. Her voice soars to dizzying heights with airborne grace and tight precision. She reveals in the spacious cadenzas an ability to execute limpid vocalise with insouciant runs.

Words-adn-Music-Fischer-JDGElan, intelligence and passionate engagement are heard in abundance here. Ms. Vitro’s enunciation is exemplary. Her singing is informed by crystal clarity and she runs the full gamut from aching lyricism of “Love’s Path” and “Life’s Journey” to the elated peroration of “Take Your Breath and Sing”. While every accompanying musician is exceptional on this date, pianist Mark Soskin and Sara Caswell are given more space to breathe and stretch out. And the musicians make the most use of this space. They also seem to be everywhere and while they may be silent at times, that silence is their space. You just know it.

The musicians and the vocalist; music and lyrics, reach a thrilling climax in “I Remember Spring” a daring, picturesque and vivid. You can’t help but hang on to every word that Ms. Vitro sings here. This is a disc of rare and sensational music. Clare Fischer has written words for no more than three songs, yet his spirit roams freely on the whole fare. All told a quite brilliant disc.

Track List: Morning; Web of Love (Inquietaçao); Loves’s Path (Love’s Walk); Seagull (Gaviota); Swingin’ With The Duke (The Duke); Pensativa; Life’s Journey (Pavillon); Sleep My Child (Sleey Sweet Child) Take Your Breath and Sing (O Canto); I Remember Spring

Personnel: Roseanna Vitro: vocals and arrangements; Mark Soskin: piano and arrangements; Sara Caswell: violin; Dean Johnson: bass; Tim Horner: drums; Mino Cinelu: percussion; Brent Fischer: vibes (9); Paul Wickliffe: producer and engineer

Label: Random Act Records
Release date: November 2024
Website: roseannavitro.com
Buy music on: amazon
Photographof Roseanna Vitro © John Abbott

About Roseanna Vitro

Having toured the world as an esteemed performer, clinician, recording artist, vocal instructor and ambassador, she has proven herself a reigning member of the jazz community. Her collaborations, covering a wide range of music and stylistic directions, have been cited and celebrated, far and wide. Roseanna is a soulful communicator, showcasing a thirst for swinging hard and possessing an ear for melodic invention. Her strengths include rhythmic acuity and free-spirited spontaneity, often heard in her improvisations, using both scat syllables and lyrics.. Read more…


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