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Terrence Wintersmith: A Walk in the Woods


Terrence Wintersmith: A Walk in the Woods

Terrence Wintersmith’s 2019 release – A Walk in the Woods – shows the pianist and composer heading into the countryside of his mind and making friends with the natural sounds and creatures of the forest. I have become a new admirer of the pianist – as you well might be – for his music is highly evocative of a landscape that we prize for its pristine beauty.

You will hear the sense of freedom in this music while the elegance of the guitars, violin, trumpet, flute, saxophone and percussion becomes part of a natural landscape that mixes beauty and expectation. Mr Wintersmith’s melodic and harmonic conceptions are matched by the empathy of his musical companions. Carina Bruwer on flute and Marcel Carmago on guitar are among those who play with depth, passion and extraordinary musicality. Whether evocative of freezing nights or long rainy days each track takes us to some wild place with trusted and inspiring musical friends.

The music is played with a kind of languid ease, each melodic variation following the other, quite inexorably and the sumptuousness of the soloists and ensemble has been brilliantly captured on this recording. There is an unhurried approach to this music. And once we return to the urban landscape towards the end of this adventure, we are greeted by the story of what we may have missed in the superbly paced “Jumping and Jiving”, a song that not only pays homage to the music of vocal harmony, but to the history of music itself.

Track list – 1: A Walk in the Woods; 2: Ridgetop; 3: I’m Always Dreaming; 4: Jumping and Jiving; 5: A Vida que eu Sonhei; 6: Amalfi

Personnel – Terrence Wintersmith: keyboards and vocals; Carina Bruwer: flute; Gregö Bille: trumpet; Charles Tidwell: flugelhorn; Chris White: saxophone; Jeff Coffin: saxophone;Zakhar Valaha: violin; Marcel Carmago: guitar; Fred Bogert: guitar; Bruno Elizabetsky: guitar; Frederick Hoyle: piano; Eivind Opsvik: bass; Chester Thompson: drums; Chuck Sabo: drums; Brian Griffin: drums; Larry Salzman: percussion; Tom Roady: percussion; David E. Greene: vocals; Jessica Jeza: vocals; Patricia Lee: vocals

Released – 2019
Label – Addictive 2 Music
Runtime – 22:18


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