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Reginald Policard & Richard Bona: Melancholia

Reginald Policard & Richard Bona: Melancholia
Melancholia is a fresh single from Reginald Policad and Richard Bona

The Haitian-born pianist Reginald Policard is not nearly as appreciated for his ability to convey deeply felt emotions. The single Melancholia which features him along with the celebrated bassist and vocalist Richard Bona has come at an opportune time and with just the kind of musical company that Mr Policard needs to amplify his musicality.

The Haitian-born pianist Reginald Policard

Melancholia is a simple song featuring phonetically sung vocals by Mr Bona, which he floats over his liquid bass playing. While Mr Policard illuminates the melody with discreet pedal effects and subtle ornamentation, and carefully scaled dynamics and gradations of touch, Mr Bona shapes the music’s contrapuntal layers and embellishments – aided by the wispy guitar lines by Aaron Lebos.

Cameroonian multi-instrumentalist Richard Bona

The song is mellow and fuller tone production is streamlined by the lucid voicings of Mr Policard synthesizer, providing songful emphasis to the already meditative and molten melody. The bass holds up the genteel rhythmic pulse, and to all of this is added the beautiful palette of percussion colouring by Ludwig Alfonso and Yoel Delsol.

Musicians – Reginald Policard: piano and synthesizer; Richard Bona: vocals and bass; Aaron Lebos: guitar; Ludwig Alfonso: drums; Yoel Delsol: percussion

Released – 2023
Label – Encuentro
Runtime – 5:01

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