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Melanie Marod: Stars

Melanie Marod’s vocals certainly come from a place of the inspired lyricism of various styles of music from country and western to other forms of popular music. In fact with her phrasing that can only be described as undulating waves of bittersweet emotion – even melancholy – she comes across as a singer with a unique voice for song.

Where theatrical panache is a sine qua non – in swaggering “Stars” and “River” – for instance, or on the melodramatic “Don’t Ever Lie to Me” – she displays these characteristics in spades. Miss Marod sings with scrupulously refined pitch, providing just the right shades and tones that express the moodiness of the lyric with clarity and noble articulation.

Miss Marod is a vivid colourist and the music on this short disc – made with help from Chris Wiser and a group of fabulous musicians is quite beyond reproach. All that’s left is for us to await a magical album

Tracks – 1: Stars; 2: River; 3: Don’t Ever Lie to Me; 4: Final Day; 5: Sorry Song

Musicians – Melanie Marod: vocals; Art Hirahara: keyboards; Chris Wiser: guitar and vocals; Steve Doyle: contrabass and guitar; Max Lockwood:cello

Released – 2022
Label – Independent
Runtime – 20:13


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