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Katharine Timoney: Don’t Fret

Katharine Timoney: Don't Fret
Photograph courtesy of the artist

More good things are coming from Katharine Timoney, the young, prodigiously gifted vocalist from Northern Ireland. The single, “Don’t Fret” is just a taste of the elegant music to come; it is a single from her forthcoming EP, enigmatically entitled Life Came into Colour. The imagery is poignant. Yet it is hardly surprising for Miss Timoney has a gift not only for listening deeply to lyricism, digging fiercely into each word and – in doing so – imparting a special grace to musical phrases, but she breathes life into the song and makes its characters and story come alive in the manner of an elegant painting.

“Don’t Fret” is a wonderful example of this ability that the young singer has – to somehow transform the song she is singing into a painting on a canvas. Miss Timoney is a natural mezzo, which – I think – gives makes it somewhat easy for her to gravitate towards music that is a bit indigo in hue. However, having an “artistic” penchant for painting darker colours doesn’t necessarily make her a singer of a sad song. The lyrics of this track suggest hope and Miss Timoney expresses this hope in a spectacular manner. Using subtle theatricality, Miss Timoney soars over the bar-lines with uncommon eloquence.

In doing so this enables her to effectively use her mezzo weight to melt the colder element of the lyric into a feeling of warmth and hope. This is possible because Miss Timoney has, after all, a unique colouristic range, which she often displays using the brightness of a soprano. Production values are excellent and this has everything to do with musicians – led by woodwinds and horns player, arranger and producer Ben Castle – who are completely attuned to Miss Timoney’s vision and artistry. All of this bodes well for a superb EP – and presumably also an album which may come at some in the not-too-distant future.

Personnel – Katharine Timoney: vocals; Ben Castle: producer, arranger, woodwind and horns; Mark Edwards: piano; Darren Beckett: drums; Arnie Somogyi: bass

Released – 2021
Label – Independent
Runtime – 3:26

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