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Freewheelin’ with Giacomo Bruzzo


Bob-Belden-JDGRdG: Have you ever been fascinated by forces of nature when music is being made? (It’s an open-ended question so feel free to tell me that you think I am being a pretentious bastard) or tell me what you actually feel…

GB: The intuitions (not the strict logic necessarily) behind Relations, Orderings, Functional relationships, Groupings, Structures, Rings, Algebras, as embodied in the reality of the Rock which exists for it ‘will kick back’ if you kick it are all essential.

I am a realist, in the sense, that I consider reality to exist independently of my perceiving it, but I simultaneously think that us and reality are inseparably tied through endless filaments woven by the power of imagination once we embrace that we exist. Music, which is a form of imagination, is a force of nature.
RdG: What keeps you awake at night?

GB: I sleep like a baby, until my neighbour’s baby doesn’t anymore. Joking apart, there have been and will be times where one questions the purpose of one’s choices. But as I have never in my life been happier, I think this is the right path.

RdG: What do you like waking up to?

GB: In order: 1. Wife 2. Daughter 3. Coffee 4. Cigarette (though not for long) 5. Tommaso Albinoni

RdG: How many projects are you working at any one point in time?

GB: 6-8, at different stages, speaking with different counterparts involved.

RdG: What role do you think a producer has to play in the making of music? What you YOU think?

RNR-7-JU-Master-JDGGB: The producer must help shape, suggest, sustain, bring together, tell a joke, but most importantly encourage, foster, grow and in the end empower. If this means losing artists along the way, because they become completely independent and strong on their own, so be it, as it would make me proud. My job is to enable them while I simultaneously create a building for them ready to stand the test of time, should they decide to stay longer.

RdG: Now let’s move on to MOD Technologies… Why did you think you needed another label?

GB: Good Question. No. Yes. Of Course. Again, hard to say much specific, but that MOD Technologies is mainly a conduit for Laswell. Initially we wanted to put everything together into RareNoise, but it became quickly clear that we needed multiple channels to convey the full message intended.
RdG: Whose idea was it – yours or Bill (Laswell’s)?

GB: Simultaneous Idea.

RdG: What goes on RNR and what goes on MOD? (How do you decide what artists go on each of the labels?)

GB: As I mentioned in the first paragraph, MOD is governed by Bill. Born as a new Axiom, it exists to further Bill’s legacy and introduce new listeners to his vision.

RdG: What are the guiding principles for each of the labels?

GB: I think I have answered in broad strokes.

RdG: How do you keep them apart… maintain their separate identities I mean?

GB: Again, by letting Bill do what he does, and only acting as a counsellor (as he does with me of course).

RdG: Are you a perfectionist? Or do you think that perfection is overrated (all you have to do is go with what your gut’s telling you?)

GB: Yes: when working on the structure of the label, I want to be very precise and think as far ahead as possible. I do not like sloppiness. I am ever so slightly OC.
When working with artists, on the other hand, I do not micromanage, as I know I will like what they will do. I will then act “as a producer” as described above.

RdG: Do you like to show off?

GB: God no, ghastly (thought). I am though very pleased when you meet people who, unbeknownst to you, have been following the development of the label and have drawn pleasure, enjoyment and inspiration from it. I like feeling that what I am doing is meaningful.

RdG: Where do you get your inspiration from?

GB: My life as echo-chamber for all wonderful human beings it has been a privilege to meet over its span, everyone included.

RdG: How do you get in the groove and stay in the pocket when you’re producing?

GB: The process can take so long, that breaks in tension are at the order of the day. By working on as many projects I can simultaneously I can keep the groove going.

RdG: Now that I have talked my head off, why don’t you? Tell me all about the things you didn’t tell me about—either because I did not ask you of was not smart enough to ask… the ones you would not have told me if I had walked away not knowing…? Tell me all.

GB: Be prepared to be surprised.



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