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Emilie Samson: An Introvert’s Dream

Emilie Samson: An Introvert's Dream
Photograph courtesy of the artist

Emilie Samson is an artist making available for listening a first extended-play recording that includes more than merely “a-b sides” of a recording and this suggests that she is just about ready to debut. In fact you might consider this a veritable debut for this Canadian vocalist. Music can be a crowded and intimidating world for someone so young and just stepping out into the world of performance. But on evidence of this short report Miss Samson seems ready.

With ephemeral purity Miss Samson lets it be known that she has the wherewithal to launch what ought to be an upwardly mobile career as a music professional. Her phrasing is assured and she is able to cut to the chase and get to the emotional centre of these songs. The title of her foray – An Introvert’s Dream – suggests a bit of uncertainty. But this should not be the case. Miss Samson can sing – in two languages, it may be added – better than many of her generation. She leaps with uncommon sureness into the highest reaches of her soprano register and maintains tone and manner when in the depth of her tonal palette

All that remains to be seen is how she will develop and scale the heights of her true calling. If this short foray into the world of vocals is any indication she is well on her way.

Track list – 1: If You Never Come to Me; 2: Nobody’s Heart; 3: Wouldn’t It Be Nice; 4: La Belle Dame sans Regrets; 5: An Introvert’s Dream

Personnel – Emilie Samson: vocals and arrangements; Alec Aldred: trumpet; Seth Weaver: trombone; Rico Jones: saxophone; Robinson Montmollin: piano; Sean Burke: bass; Phil McNeal: drums

Released – 2020
Label – Independent
Runtime – 33:27


  1. Excellent debut EP! Loved her music video for “Wouldn’t it be nice”. Can’t wait to see how her career progresses!


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