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David Boswell: The Story Behind The Story


David Boswell: The Story Behind The Story

In the hands of a virtuoso the acoustic guitar can be much more than the 6-stringed instrument that grew from the lute. It can be a horn, a piano, a violin and – with technique exotica such as nut-side, nail sizzle and other techniques – a whole percussion section. Being the virtuoso that he is David Boswell gets all of this – and more – from his instrument on The Story Behind The Story. By adding electric guitar and guitar synthesizer [or, as he calls it: “synthesized guitar”] his musical armoury has been substantially bolstered. This becomes eminently clear on the music of this album.

The title of the recording suggests that Mr Boswell is drawing open the curtain to reveal not simply his technical abilities, but also the narrative strengths in his compositions. These are the works of a very sensitive mind. Every composer sufficiently skilled and educated in music could conceivably exhibit a modicum of creativity when it comes to putting notes together in order to create pleasant melodies, interesting harmonies and danceable rhythms. But it takes a truly gifted one to make narratives come alive, to make you feel the emotions that he is feeling; and to do this he must have the ability to make the notes leap up off the paper by breathing life into each phrase. This is what Mr Boswell does with his music – from the rich and delicate “Miraculous” and the profoundly meditative “Prayer for the Planet”, to the dreamily elegant song “The Sun and Moon”.

Mr Boswell also enjoys the unique benefits of having one of the best partnerships in music, especially with Jimmy Haslip on board to produce – and play on – this album. Moreover, each of the musicians on this album bring with their superior, heavyweight abilities. Pianists Otmaro Ruiz, Scott Kinsey and Mitchel Forman are extremely well-known in the studio and on stage and each has individual album credits too. Drummers MB Gordy and Gary Novak also punch in the super-heavyweight class and tenor saxophonist Bart Samolis is no slouch with the horn either. Each of the musicians is completely attuned to Mr Boswell’s vision and artistry and this is reflected on the superb music all over this recording.

Track list – 1: Miraculous; 2: A Los Angeles Minute; 3: Innocence; 4: The Story Behind The Story; 5: Prayer for the Planet; 6: Alta; 7: The Wind in Her Hair; 8: Los Olivos; 9: The Sun and Moon

Personnel – David Boswell: electric, acoustic and synthesizer guitars; Mitchel Forman: piano [4, 8]; MB Gordy: drums and percussion [1, 2, 4, 6 – 9]; Jimmy Haslip: bass [3, 7, 9]; Scott Kinsey: piano and keyboards [3, 6]; Gary Novak: drums [3]; Otmaro Ruiz: piano and keyboards [7]; Bart Samolis: tenor saxophone [2, 9]

Released – 2020
Label – My Quiet Moon Records
Runtime – 47:27


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