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3D Jazz Trio: 9 to 5

3D Jazz Trio: 9 to 5
3D Jazz Trio makes music that has an intense beauty about it
3D Jazz Trio: 9 to 5
3D Jazz Trio makes music that has an intense beauty about it

The novelty of being women playing music – and more importantly, instruments – traditionally associated with me has – or ought to have – long since worn off. Now it is time to admire the musicianship of this 3D Jazz Trio – pianist Jackie Warren, contrabassist Amy Shook and drummer Sherrie Maricle – for what it really is. This means bowing to the inventiveness, the sublimity, the imagination of vocabulary and subtle turn of phrase. And speaking of phraseology, one can’t help marveling at what is often graceful and sensuous, sometimes voluptuous and sometimes sinewy. Mostly one can’t help marveling at this music that has an intense beauty about it. The repertoire on 9 to 5 affords us plenty of opportunity to admire all these musical qualities.

We’ve surely listened to these three women being marvelous when they appear in the big-band incarnation of what is now almost patently Diva Jazz. There they have a sweeping command of the musical idiom that most men still struggle to put their stamp on. On this trio recording we can come much closer – almost within a hair’s breadth – of their patented ingenuity. Pianist, bassist and drummer have an uncommon empathy as they converse, sometimes impelled by the swish of cymbals, or the rattle and hum of Miss Maricle’s drums, sometimes with the trill ripped off the keyboard with Miss Warren’s right hand, at other times with the nerve endings of Miss Shook’s pizzicato expertise on the taut, rumbling strings of her contrabass.

At any rate it is no uncommon incidence to be awe-struck at these most appealing and well-proportioned short works that often one forgets that one has actually heard them before. So fresh is the approach, the re-invention of harmonies around familiar melodies and so rippling the grooves that spin out and propel the rhythmic invention of each of the musicians on their [essentially] rhythm instruments. And if you’re wondering about technical proficiency Miss Shook resorts to playing con arco with staggering time and glissando on a wondrous interpretation of Lágrimas Negras that is quite stunning.

Technique is the strong suit of both the other musicians as well. Miss Warren shows that she has this in spades throughout – especially on Tin Tin Deo. Miss Maricle is no slouch on the drum set either and may be Dottie Dodgion reincarnated – you only have to take in what she swings on Blues for G-C. The time for casting sidelong glances at these musicians is over. It’s time to celebrate them as part of the tribe.

Deo gratis…!

Tracks – 1: I Only Have Eyes for You; 2: Tin Tin Deo; 3: Sing; 4: 9 to 5; 5: Some Other Time; 6: There is No Greater Love; 7: Lágrimas Negras; 8: Blues for G-C; 9: Theme for B.T.

Musicians – Jackie Warren: piano; Amy Shook: contrabass; Sherrie Maricle: drum set

Released – 2023
Label – Diva Jazz
Runtime – 54:27


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