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Patricia India Pascal is #JazzNewBlood

Photos of India playing with her TW Junior Jazz band an a female collective.

RdG: Is India still studying at Guildhall? Where is she at in terms of her studies?

PIP: India is 13 now and on her second year at Junior Jazz at Guildhall. I think she was one of the youngest to be admitted to the Junior Jazz program. She’s been a member of Tomorrow´s Warriors since she was 9 years old and is currently the pianist in the Tomorrow´s Warriors Junior Band.

She is an early representation of the #FemaleJazzPower coming out and the subject of women equality in Jazz is very important. We need more women in Jazz and recently UK Music Festivals are pledging 50/50 gender equality. Last year 80% of the headliners were male. But change is on the way.

RdG: How does your photography dovetail into #JazzNewBlood?

PIP: Although I’m not a “technical” photographer and self-taught, I’m passionate about documenting moments. My aim is to use my photography to capture and promote this and future Jazz generations in UK and elsewhere. Images can be as strong as words. You can see my photos at www.patriciapasca6.wix.com/portfolio and www.jazznewblood.org/photoarchive.

RdG: What exactly do you see the role of #JazzNewBlood as being in the short and long term?

PIP: jazznewblood.org is primarily a platform to actively promote, collect, document #JazzNewBlood, #YouthJazzTalent, #FemaleJazzPower and #JazzFutureNow, through (the means of) photography, concerts, video recordings, audio recordings, and more…

RdG: Are there other organisations like it and do you collaborate with any?

PIP: There are several other platforms and promoters that work towards giving more exposure to upcoming artists but maybe don’t take so much interest in younger players under 18. The focus of #Jazznewblood is youth between 14 and 24 years with special interest in premature jazz talent.

Zeñel (Zoe) at Jazzrefreshed, Zoe Pascal playing at jazz RE:FEST 2015 at Southbank with Carmen Souza and Theo Pascal (dad) band, Jamming at Hot Club in Lisbon, In a session with also India Pascal
participation and doing a regular gig.

RdG: What resources do you provide for young musicians, composers, instrumentalists?

PIP: With the showcase festival series I provide a stage for them to present their original music. All the images, videos and audio are recorded with the intention of giving the artists promotional tools to be used to promote their music and help get more gigs.


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