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Patricia India Pascal is #JazzNewBlood

Gary Crosby mentor and founder at Tomorrow´s Warriors teaching the new generation of double bass players, Junior Jazz Class at Royal Academy of Music during a end of term concert and Tomorrow´s Warriors Jam at Richmix in London featuring Binker Golding (Sax) in the background.

Having contact with the work of these organisations, and seeing this talent, I felt drawn and inspired to document it. I envisioned an archive of images, audio recordings and videos of future talent in the early stages of its development.

I feel the younger talent is sometimes overlooked, underestimated by most of the Jazz influencers. But young people have always started revolutions. Taking advantage of my experience as a talent developer/artist manager, and having free access with a global reach through social media, I started by creating a #JazzNewBlood Twitter account to give a ‘shout out’ to young players that I felt everybody should know about. My skill behind the camera helps me create appealing visuals to support my promotional efforts. After all image is everything these days…


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