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Patricia India Pascal is #JazzNewBlood

Community Cube (Tomorrow´s Warriors rehearsal space at the Southbank centre), Young Sax Kamau Davis playing with Sebastian De Krom @National Youth Jazz Orchestra monthly Jam at Foyles, TW Youth Orchestra concert at Jazz in The Round featuring legendary UK Sax Steve Williamson, and guitar gathering at Pizza Express Jazz with Junior Jazz class at Royal Academy of Music playing with Jim Mullen

What makes this youth scene special is that after they have learned and mastered the “Jazz Alphabet”, these young talented improvisers, composers, players are using Jazz improvisation to channel other influences that dominate their life experiences. Their personal heritage and the music they listen to; and they are capable of integrating all this in their sound, without losing the respect for the roots of Jazz, creating something unique and authentic.

They are no longer trying to copy the American Jazz (musicians) but have become confident in their own path. They are not fueled by competition but by a collaborative spirit and brotherhood. Most of them have grown and have developed their musical skills side by side and they are now coming out side by side too, fully supporting each other, like a tightly-knit squad. The face of UK Jazz now has a united family front. I don’t think we have seen this in the past.

Kimberley Crofts @ktcita, a fan of UK Jazz did an amazing family tree to illustrate the scene NOW. Obviously is impossible to include everybody and this is an ever ending work because the generation to come is right around the corner…

For the last 5 years I’ve been privileged to have had the opportunity to observe this up close and capture/document with my camera, the talent that I know will be the future. I want the world to see what I see.


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