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Ought to be better known by now… you would think


Herbie NicholsEverybody loves lists. To a certain extent I do too and have participated in at least three in 2014. But here’s one that I might write if I were given carte blanche. It would be called “Ought to have been better known by now… you would think.” That’s a long title for a short list of damn fine musicians—instrumentalists, vocalists, composers, conductors, record labels and three just plain great artists and a legend.

Sixteen damn fine musicians et al
Rotem Sivan—guitarist
Sylvain Leroux—flutist
André Mehmari—pianist
Mônica Salmaso—vocalist
Vanessa Rodrigues—organist
Carolina Calvache—pianist
Mark McLean—drummer
Chelsea Green—violinist
Bengt Berger—percussionist
Maestro Spok—saxophonist
Molly Reeves—guitarist/vocalist
Gustavo Dudamel—conductor
Yannick Nézet-Séguin—conductor
Paul Lewis—pianist
Sir Thomas Jäderlund—saxophonist
Jonas Knutsson—saxophonist

Six damn fine record labels
Country & Eastern
ESP Disk
TUM Records
Tri-centric Foundation

Ought to be better known… Period

Damn! Just plain great artists
Heiner Stadler
Adam Rudolph
Don Byron

Should be a legend dammit!
Herbie Nichols

There is good chance that all of the above will be off a list of this kind next year. However, based on previous experience of memory and good judgement, sometimes they mightn’t budge. The last four names on this list bear uncomfortable witness to our society that couldn’t really give a toss about true artistry. So those last four names must be mentioned again and again… and again until they finally draw the recognition they deserve. ‘Nuff said!


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