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Black Saint and the Sinner Lady


Black Saint and the Sinner LadyGroup Dancers
Come away Come away What did you say were the colors of spring?
Red, yellow and green…? Then pound the drum, slash the cymbals Break free
Come with me Slave Free now with the firefly and bumblebee Purple songbird
Fly away! There’s that blur, free… Untangling that Godhead of sunlit black
Spirals shimmering past the Past Side stepping, skipping Gliding Sliding
Notes black and blue…Their pirouette Not a paux de deux More likely
Bleeboppin Jitterbugging Shimshamshimmying Breaking free Cutting
Through the weight of pain Whirling Twirling doing everything right
Like glittering and glowing in the dark turning into day
Bright day our day when Tinker ‘Black’ Bell leads Nigger Pan willingly astray
You could say this is outrageous Black Saint and Sinner Lady Their fantasy
Yeah! The bright dream of a man quite blind or quite insane But I say
Can you not see what I can? Look! I say, I ask you to look…!
For God ‘sake look beyond the skin Deep within Where, even her
Every breath sets her free and makes my blood dance as she glides past
This is it Man! It is this spiral dance that lifts me up to very dizzying
Heights weightless and free! Suddenly a terrifying drop right down only to be pick me
Up again in the wake of this breathtaking spinning freewheeling
Swirling Twirling I am taken away from inside out Twirling Swirling
Round and round the earth to find myself again And again And Again
Look at her Freewoman She stops and starts whirls and twirls away
Dancing her life New life as it was meant to be at the break of our dawn
Oh Yeah! Dawn has begun again Which is to say that’s the way
It was like when Buddy and Satch was cooking And Duke and Blanton were in
Cool Cool Swingsville! Then Yardbird flying free and bleeboppin
Time to start all over again Oh Freedom Freedom The time is now and new
Stop this time right there Freeze It should never be time to end
This spiral dance Whip up the trance Again This is the kind of energy
That brings up the sun Our blue sun Our mood indigo sun
Come cry with me Dance with us Raise up the sun every morning
Our tears will clear the way for the new Blue Sky
When all else is in deep shades of gray Break away Dance and sing
If you should stop now there might be no sun-up again!

Trio and Group Dancers
Stop a moment Quiet! Hear my cry Hear my call Singing songs
Freedom for all Black, tan and beige And not just whitey white
Slap the bass, roll the drum Howl on the horn Growl on the ‘bone
Hit it! Hit it hard Break away Break away Scatter the mob
We’re bursting through you and me and us Carrying the wave of brothers
And sisters Dancing through, never forget the pain, but ride right
Through it We’ve ditched the chains, now we’re flying sky high again
Mile high Holy Land where God made man many hues So we too
Are crossing through Feel our pulse dance our dance Sing
Freedom for our brothers and our sisters Oh Lord It’s thanks
To you and you and you we’ve found our feet Funky jitterbugging
Beboppin Cool Hot and blue! Waking up our fathers
And our mothers Coming right through Like it or not
We’re coming right through unlocked unchained unburied
Where they put us deep underdog Our insomnient hearts are breaking
Once again Right here dead center where once there was pain
Blue from black pain Oh Lord Love must heal us again
Blood’s burning bright Through the long night Bubbling hot now
Can’t stop now Can’t stop Pulses racing what did they expect
Except the long cry you heard turn to a howl
Pure joy in that sound Hit it hard Sock and cymbal
Let the horns wail away ivory Make way for ebony
Hear this brothers and sisters Hear the cry Hear the call
It’s for you and you and ME! Hear me now Feel the sun
On our black skin Makes it come alive! Wake up! Hear the
Drum It’s calling calling singing dancing Fill the streets
Break the dark walls the streets are singing The sky is
Singing The sun is beaming bright light White light
Warm caresses on our skin black skin not to hide
Break on through Hear the cry Hear the call
In every cell In every black pore Once a festering
Wound and whiplashed sore… Gone Gone Gone Oh Lord!
The healing touch got to us Come away Come away Come away!

Raul da Gama is a poet and essayist. He has published three collections of poetry, He studied at Trinity College of Music, London specialising in theory and piano, and he has a Masters in The Classics. He is an accomplished critic whose profound analysis is reinforced by his deep technical and historical understanding of music and literature.


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