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Black Saint and the Sinner Lady


Black Saint and the Sinner LadySolo Dance
He wakes and stretches his body He’s in a hot sweat
Oh Lord! I see her and she’s in the recent past
There she is There she is a coming in a trance dance
The loosening in every inch of supple muscle every joint
She uncoils her hot body inch by aching inch Hot Hot Hot
Until she has unlocked herself as only she can see feel
Dancing in slow circles across the darkened room she
Dodges in and out of shadows and the light
Now you see her black body and now you don’t
In her mind the wail of pain the body she sold
Time and time again She twists and turns and
As she does the pain starts to wane She wails no more
Tears trickle and die down her chin
She’s a devil woman No Not so She’s a dancer
Maybe but a devil woman all the same humming off key
In praise of this big black body she’s just had In
The dying of last night’s yellow light And then again
Crying: “Oh Lord, forgive me for this black body And the one
Joined once more” Didn’t really love her Just had to have her
The aching in my guts made it so
Then lying on my back, this night Heaving with her body
Carrying me so ecstatic and away to places in my head
I’d never been before It felt so real the walking
Running Panting Tired of it all yet wanting so much more
But she just cursed Hot dog woman Damn Damn Damn
Gimme more! My fat hands on her back Gimme more
And I Falling Falling Wailing Crying Waking up where
I’d never been before Never thought I would be right here at your feet
Oh Lord I see you looking deep into my head and into
My soul on ice on the floor Now the heat’s gone it’s morning
Oh Wrap your arms around me Take me home
Love me like I’ve always dreamed it would be
Not like this Not never Not like this Like this
So many voices in my head All of them Not like this

Duet Solo Dancers
She’s back! Hold me now softly Your black skin
Touching my dark skin Ours not darkened by the cruel sun
But by the Lord Oh Lord For this you marked us down
With your dark-colored brush Oh never mind Rock me gently
Let’s you and me rock gently Skin to black skin Touching
Cheek to cheek Thigh to thigh gently going where the wave
This new wave we’ve discovered Take me back and
Forward Twirl me Whirl me Let’s get carried
Away Far away from this darkened room and the pain of
Nigger boy and nigger girl Let’s bathe our skin
In the bright white light Let’s blind them from within
Blind them so they do not see us dancing here
Just shadows of this day that the Lord has made
Dance with me Share my pain Weep with me
Share my sorrow Write every cry and every howl
Paint every tear crystal clear Then make it drip
With your immortal wet brush No, your bow
Paint the tears that flow deep down low in my gut
Ours The pain of being together in this dark room
Trying to rock the waves of pain away
Move me gently here Now arch your body Take me there
Oh Lord you are so good Dull this ache softly
Gently stretch your body Spin me around
Spin us away I said spin us away into the bright
Light out of these damp wet shadows Let’s you and me
Shine Oh Yes Let our blackness shine Oh my black prince
Twirl me Whirl me Let our sweet song burst
Out of this wave Old wave New wave Whatever
Arm and arm locked Twist Untwist Bodies sway
Away Away To the place you promised me
That we would always be Just you and me
And tender kisses every second of every minute of every
Hour of the long long day Never ending
With us apart Whirl me Twirl me Away Away
Into the night bright light Glowing Flowing freely through
Our black black bodies Yours and mine


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