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Annie Ross Health Care

Annie Ross, the legendary singer and actress is urgently in need of financial assistance to pay for home care during this pandemic. Annie requires 24 hour supervision. Should Annie need to be transferred to a nursing facility during this time, she likely would not make it. We are trying to keep her at home and as comfortable as possible.

Update: As of April 20, 2020, Annie remains safe at home and is not currently on hospice or on palliative care. With her 90th birthday approaching in July, she merely requires full-time occupational care which is notably the only item not covered by insurance, organizational grants, professional and industry support services, etc. which have been explored and pursued. Our sole objective is to keep Annie safe in her own environment at home as she is at extreme risk for COVID-19 during this time to relocate to a skilled nursing facility or to face any potential hospitalization.

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