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Giuseppe Doronzo nominated for BUMA Music in Motion Award


Giuseppe Doronzo nominated for BUMA Music in Motion Award

The Amsterdam-based baritone saxophone virtuso Giuseppe Doronzo said: “I feel humbled and honoured to have been nominated for the BUMA Music in Motion Awards/Best original composition for the music I wrote for the short film Goya.”

“The soundtrack is a sonic story that started from my solo album Goya back in 2018 and, after some years, inspired the short film script [featuring] the new music again.”

Giuseppe Doronzo was born in Barletta, a very old town on the Adriatic coast of Puglia, Italy. As a pedagogue and lover of unexplored space , border crossing sounds, Mr Doronzo focuses his research [and playing] of the baritone saxophone, “…aiming,” as he says, “to explore a vocabulary that goes through his background in contemporary classical music , jazz improvisation and his interest for non-western music.”

He has worked with creative artists covering various fields of the national and international art including: Michael Moore, Joe Lovano, Chris Potter, Mariem Hassan, Vince Mendoza,Han Bennink, NDR Big Band, João Bosco, Kiko Freitas, Robin Eubanks, Paolo Fresu, Tullio De Piscopo, Taylor Ho Bynum, Steve Potts, Roberto Ottaviano, Ralph Alessi, Gianni Lenoci… and Irene Aebi Lacy, Tiziano Tononi, Benjamin Herman and Jim Black among numerous others.

BUMA Music in Motion is a Netherlands-based organisation that is “committed to shining a light on the importance of music in film, television, animation, gaming and advertising. We do so by hosting an annual award show…

The organisation – 10+ years on – comes together each year to “[celebrate] the best compositions in twelve media categories… partnering… with important players within the industry including multiple international (film) festivals.”


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