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Victoria Elena Ferreyra: “With a paintbrush in your hand you can change the world.”

Victoria Elena Ferreyra: “With a paintbrush in your hand you can change the world.”
Victoria Elena Ferreyra and a colleague painting a many-splendoured butterfly

MC: You are a pianist too, I understand. Do you play somewhere?

VEF: Music has been in me since I was born. I remember people asking me “What would you like to be when you grow up?” and I replied “A musician”. I don t play in public; the piano is my soul, my hiding place. It preserves me from the evil of the world. I still need to play just for myself. At present I connect the vibrations of the colours of musical notes and I am aware that it is this [aspect of my art] which makes the difference [in my art]. If the soul of the viewer connects with the simplicity of my art he will listen to my music as well… [She continues]…and I just don’t want to stop him. I let him fly! Music is a deep part of my childhood… my brothers, my Dad and Mom; the piano is my Macondo … remember the book by Gabriel García Márquez? That same magic is in me too.

MC: You are a muralist too. Tell me about it!

VEF: I became a muralist by accident. I had no more money for my art. But I didn’t give up… I was resilient and so I started painting. I give workshops in many provinces in Argentina. For instance, in Santiago del Estero, one day, while teaching, a boy approached me and said to me ““Teacher, why don’t you draw a butterfly?” I leaned toward the wall, opened my arms, a brush in each hand. Those were the first wings I painted/… My first wings.

Yellow butterfly on blue frame with white script

MC: What did you find in “muralism”?

VEF: A visual impact that connects with the observer’s gaze. Muralism must always be for “the other” and also “made with another” – the viewer/observer.

MC: Who can be called an artist?

VEF: I think only time can say that. In my case I am a labourer and a painter.

MC: Are all human beings resilient? What is it exactly?

VEF: Resilience is the ability to transform adversity into something positive; weakness into strength. You become resilient as you experience grief in your life. In that way you become stronger and develop empathy, creativeness and – most important – you come in contact with your spiritual being.

MC: What place does love have in your life?

VEF: Love is everything… Love is all. Love is the engine… Of that, I have no doubt whatsoever.

MC: Why did you pick butterflies?

VEF: Butterflies symbolize the fragility of life and of its beauty too. They are seen wherever there is life. They are in constant transformation. I found the souls of those who are no longer with us, butterflies.


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