Rotem Sivan: For Emotional Use Only

Every once in a while there comes a musician who is so breathtaking in his technique and expression that the word “ingenious” not only comes to mind, but escapes the lips as well. As if that were not … [Read More...]

Elizabeth Shepherd - The Signal

Elizabeth Shepherd: The Signal

There is just a subtle hint of the attractive feminism of Elizabeth Shepherd in The Signal . The reason for this is her almost diffident sensuousness and this is no pretension, but a cool affecting … [Read More...]


Tara Davidson: Duets

In the very best duets, there is intimacy and even a degree of secrecy. Two musicians are in such close proximity musically that there is barely enough space for the proverbial ray of sunlight and yet … [Read More...]

Matt Newton - Within Reach

Matt Newton: Within Reach

Matt Newton thinks like a painter. But his music is not simply audio visual, but it would seem that it is as close to water colours that any music can get. This is certainly what comes through when … [Read More...]