The Cookers: Time and Time Again

The word “legendary” suggests someone long past from the present into the misty realm of the ingenious and fondly remembered and the term elder statesmen is wholly inappropriate to describe persons … [Read More...]

Dylan Fowler - A Passionate Landscape

Dylan Fowler: A Passionate Landscape

First there was the voice, the first instrument. Then there were the instruments—drums of every kind, lutes, horns, clavinets, harpsichords, pianos, and so on down the ages—that musicians played. And … [Read More...]


Sean Jones Quartet: Im.Pro.Vise

If put that way, Im.Pro.Vise there is every suggestion that the music here is important, professional and has a wisdom that comes down from the ancestors of this great music of jazz. Moreover, the … [Read More...]

To Two Ladies

Here’s to Two Ladies

Ever since the days of Big Mama Thornton and Bessie Smith, the days of Ernestine Anderson, Ella Fitzgerald, Billie Holiday and Sarah Vaughan and Joni Mitchell of course the great Abbey Lincoln there … [Read More...]