John Ellis and Andy Bragen - Mobro

John Ellis & Andy Bragen: MOBRO

If MOBRO the beautiful album from John Ellis and Andy Bragen is an allegorical story based on the near-apocryphal voyage of the Mobro 4000, it is as likely to sound like life itself, or sailing along … [Read More...]

Bob Dorough - Eulalia

Bob Dorough: Eulalia

The 90-year-old Bob Dorough and “Little” Jimmy Scott are among the last of the classic jazz vocalists: singers who phrase with genius, and express the lyric as nobody can; who plunge into character … [Read More...]

Phil Grenadier - Shimmer

Phil Grenadier: Shimmer

In the turning and twisting of Phil Grenadier’s yammering—and sometimes raucous—lines, lurks a gentle swinging lyricism that has become the hallmark of his playing through his three albums as leader … [Read More...]

Emilia Martensen ana

Emilia Mårtensson: Ana

There is a fragile beauty; an almost mystical whisper of yearning that informs the music of Emilia Mårtensson. It is the same beauty heard in the rustle of spring; the elemental creek of bough, the … [Read More...]

Plymouth - Plymouth

Plymouth: Plymouth

Eschewing electronic toys and other (usually necessary) electronic peripherals, Jamie Saft and his ensemble have become somewhat “contemplative,” which is probably the only word that can be ascribed … [Read More...]

Christine Jensen - Habitat

Christine Jensen: Habitat

The “shadow” that visionary architect Frank Lloyd Wright talked about—the one that separated yesterday from tomorrow—is one that moves ceaselessly and it is useful to note that it passes over everyone … [Read More...]