Sete Corações—Mestres do Frevo

When Music Becomes a Matter of the Heart “To come to Recife and not see frevo is like going to Rome and not seeing the Pope!” This is what the man on the street in Pernambuco, where frevo was born … [Read More...]


Frank Lowe: Out Loud

In the post-apocalyptic world of Black American Music: post-John Coltrane and Albert Ayler that is, the larger-than-life figure of Pharoah Sanders held sway. To this world came Frank Lowe. His … [Read More...]

Albert Ayler Trio - Spiritual Unity

Albert Ayler Trio: Spiritual Unity

First there was the Father, then the Son and then the Holy Spirit in a manner of speaking. The Father was John Coltrane, the Son was Pharoah Sanders and the Holy Spirit was Albert Ayler. This earthly … [Read More...]


Kellylee Evans: I Remember When

Kellylee Evans does not get the attention she deserves and yet she must be swept up and have arms wrapped around her. That may be about to change. Her gorgeous voice rises to the heavens in rapturous … [Read More...]


Somi: The Lagos Music Salon

What the art of black people has always been expected to do is to deliver a tough message about a civilization that has been usurped by white people. A sort of Guernica of the Diaspora. This is … [Read More...]


Spjärnsvallet: Again & Again

The album, Again & Again is a re-release of a timeless recording that Bengt Berger had originally put out in 1975. The players were all at interesting points in their careers. The extraordinary … [Read More...]

Radhe Radhe - Rites of Holi

Radhe Radhe – Rites of Holi

A Film by Prashant Bhargava - Music by Vijay Iyer For Prashant Bhargava, who directed Rites of Holi and for pianist and composer Vijay Iyer, who scored the film, the template for the film and the … [Read More...]