Dara Tucker: The Sun Season

The Sun Season is an enormously uplifting album. At first blush it might give the impression that the recurrence of the sun motif might be a little overdone, but in actuality the metaphor never tires … [Read More...]


Ron Miles: Circuit Rider

Listening to Ron Miles play his cornet is like going to listen to a lesson in the history of the African-American music called jazz. And if the ear is a keener one, it might also hear a history of how … [Read More...]


The Mark Lomax Trio: Isis and Osiris

Mark Lomax may be one of the last remaining musicians to subscribe to Cheikh Anta Diop’s proven theory that the African origin of civilization is the only true origin of civilization, which posits … [Read More...]


Myriad 3: The Where

There are magical and twisted enigmatic conundrums in almost everything about Myriad 3 on The Where. Firstly their name: the contrary meaning of their name—not simply a myriad sounds from several … [Read More...]


Rotem Sivan: For Emotional Use Only

Every once in a while there comes a musician who is so breathtaking in his technique and expression that the word “ingenious” not only comes to mind, but escapes the lips as well. As if that were not … [Read More...]